magic pedals

i’ve been working on a project where the boss is constantly thinking of ways to make money. he’s really good at it, and he’s always trying to angle a better deal, or get a better percentage. it’s a numbers game to him, and the funny thing is that he treats his people really well. you want to be on his side. in fact he treats his people far better than any spiritual non-profit hooha that i’ve ever dealt with. ahem.

the truth is some people can just do that, sit around all day and think of ways to make money. it’s really fun for them. i take the same amount of time and energy and figure out how to make myself a magic pedal.

this too is fun. i guess it takes two to tangle. he gets his money, and i get some of it also, to spend on a six pack of Marinated Turnip in solid Pack from the 99 Ranch Market, pretty much the best condiment in the world, if you can call it a condiment, since i eat it straight out of the jar. what i really wanted to spend my money on was this sign. i was going to run over and slap my credit card down and walk out with it, but it’s attached to their wall.

(It’s hard to read but the bins contain Italian Roast sandwiched between Double French Roast and French Roast.)

muy authentico!