karma in pairs

last week i was poking fun at how a friend of ours who just got a completely spazed out puppy only posts photos of the puppy sleeping and being completely restful.
all photos lie, as we know.

couple days ago i took the pups on an errand at the corner of Washington and La Cienega (one heck of a busy intersection) and as we stood there, waiting for the light, which cycled three times without giving us the walk signal, i saw the skateboard coming, before the-one-with-known-skateboard-issues saw it coming, and i decided to go for it. so you can picture the three of us, one running like holy hell (having finally seen the skateboard), the leash stretched as thin as leather can go, me with both arms out looking in all possible directions, and the merle dog trotting behind, saying “excuse me, owner-lady, but you just dropped your phone.”

so its back to the Edge for me and my first generation iphone until i can get another one at AT&T’s upgrade price. good news is that i’ll be able to use that nifty little charging stand. bad news is that if i ever need to get back to Washington and La Cienega i don’t have a GPS anymore.