Women are not small men

“Small is fine. Small is good. Small is cute. Small is a whole size bigger than XS. Small rocks.”

“Don’t sweat the small stuff. For our mailers it’s quantity over quality. Let’s mail these puppies out!”

“It’s just for a short time.” Who needs metal links when plastic does the job just fine.

“Hey, you’re small, you can climb up behind the stacked washer/dryer and fetch that little roll.”


On the bicycle front, building a small frame requires a bit of problem solving in order to make the triangles meet up without sacrificing speed, power, comfort, and looks. This is more than just knowing geometry, as most mass produced bikes for women are put together by the guy who doesn’t understand why women can’t just wear the smaller men’s button-down shirts and call it a day. (This guy, this fashion extraordinaire, made that comment to me in front of his wife who was trying on clothes and complaining about women’s shirts that didn’t have darts).

Enter Paul Sadoff, who’s building me a new Rock Lobster track bike. *swoon*. I’m not going to reveal the handlebar tape design yet but one of the colors of the harlequin wrap is definitely going to be Celeste. The frame is not so small if you have to draw the whole thing on paper full scale.

If you doubt Paul’s finesse watch this:

[Superstars Alex Brewer & Kate Wilson pictured above, posing while rolling]