good old fashioned elbow grease

some things that google just can’t help you with:
– one of the pup’s had a poo explosion in the car 20 minutes from destination: subsequent clean up and bath
– one of the pups went up the hill in the backyard and came back down walking like a retard; her paws were covered with giant cacti: subsequent thorn removal and building of a barricade to the upper part of the backyard

some things that google can help with:
– finding the Santa Fe Border Collie Club and arranging a hike the in phenomenal Galisteo Basin Preserve. not sure if google can help or not, but there are acres of this preserve for sale and we would like to buy some please.
also, one of the pups got a stickler in her paw and needed manual help to remove.

– finding the Charlton’s herd of lovely sheep to chase around in the snow.