the same

is it possible there are those out there who believe the ‘world is flattening’ and that since the cost of living is so much lower in cities like atlanta, say, it makes sense to ‘see’ the idea of living there much “the same” as living in los angeles (if not better, since dollar for dollar you get better bang for your buck – square footage wise)? surely it’s “the same” if you consider the idea of “the same” being a completely subjective statement, and one can certainly put together a host of positives and negatives for both cities which only apply on an individual basis, making the age old statement of “it’s what you make of it” very sage advice.
i am reminded of a friend’s relative who often makes a rather large deal of the fact he (the relative) did not attend college, striking up conversations such as “I could’ve gone to school and spent $40,000, or i can go now to the library for free. It’s the same.”
As with the case with Atlanta, it’s only “the same” if you actually go.