Canine Sherman’s fentanyl patch…

this week surgery is definitely in the air. the coffee grinder needed fixing…

the WOPR got checked out, and i swapped out my laptop’s old hard drive for a new crazy fast solid state drive. wowee! it’s like driving a Prius. no moving parts. silent. the only thing i will miss is being able to iron the placemats at the same time as using the computer on the dining room table, since the new drives run a lot cooler than the old ones.

as expected, it’s really lovely inside a mac… plus notice how nice and smooth the placemat is.

the screws are really small though…and you need a good goose to keep them all corralled.

but there’s always the Apple to let you know everything is back to normal!

next up, putting this piggie back together.

3 thoughts on “surgery

  1. I’m curious about how that new hard drive works because I think I have the exact same Mac? (Also, I hope the doggy’s doing okay…) xoxo

  2. Doggy’s great. That surgery was from over a year ago, but Canine Sherman’s always up for a photo shoot! So far the SSD is great. Haven’t tried any photoshop lighting filters yet but it’s very fast with other things and way cheaper than a new laptop!

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