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copycat aesthetics

On KLCS late night food TV:
Suzanne Goin (from Lucques, AOC, etc.) shared a lovely explanation of why the kitchen at Chez Panisse felt different than any other restaurant. (she did go to Brown, after all):
she thinks it’s because in the kitchen they don’t have the usual kitchenware for prep, just bowls and plates. this maintains the cooking-at-home feel, but it also allows the chef and staff to have the same aesthetic experience as the folks for whom they are cooking.

this show was followed by Lora Brody trying to convince Julia Child that a bread machine was worthy of her kitchen, and she showed how to make a bread/pizza thing she calls “quitza.”
first you put a whole can of refried beans INTO the dough, then roll it out and drop it into a quiche pan. smear some cream cheese on it, then add some canned salsa, and top the whole thing with shredded jack n’ cheddar cheese. bake in the oven.