rousing sourdough

call it foul or shameful or just plain assinine, but nothing quite feels as rotten and sucky as asking someone for something and that someone refusing to give it to you, even though they are going to throw it away after you leave.
so the deal with sourdough starter is that every time you feed it you’ll end up with extra which you can add to the billions of jars of previously leftover bits of starter or you throw it away, since tomorrow there will always be more. that is, unless you’re a burgeoning new cooperative in berkeley called arizmendi that thinks it’s peecee and thinks it’s equi-fair and thinks it’s pro-labor and anti-republican and eco-earth and save the whales. arizmendi who claims to practice the fine art of bay area cooperative business practices. arizmendi who co-mingles cheese and sourdough and seedy baguettes and currant scones and wolverines using the EXACT recipes, oven specifications, kneading techniques, sifting pore size and water temperature of the one and only CHEESE BOARD. arizemendi who took the cheese board’s 30 years of experience and coop know-how and generosity and dedication to collective ownership and free pizzas while you wait and share and share alike attitudes and turned it into a crude and shameful 7 word sentence which reads: “no we don’t give away our starter.”

ps. they’re going to throw it away anyway.