when herbs become puzzle pieces

it’s bad enough that there’s a note posted on the window of my local bookstore that says (something like), every time an order is made on amazon.com another mom and pop bookstore goes out of business.
it’s bad enough that California hiked its sales tax so damn sky-ward that i want to buy EVERYTHING online, including marrow bones, flour and now, herbs. and i’m not talking about those kind of herbs, in which case you’re better off staying in California, since those damn green crosses seem to multiply like rabbits. bulk prices are such the deal that the cost of a large bag that i’m never going to get through is cheaper (and fresher) than one of those nice glass containers at Whole Foods. the problem is what to do with the extra herbs. anyone want some marjoram and thyme?

and… if that’s not bad enough, the state of California seems pissed at everyone skipping out on their sales tax, so they’ve reincarnated this magical thing called USE TAX which means making you report everything you bought out of state and TAXING you for it because you USED it, and yes, that means all the clothes purchased at Gilt or wherever that you haven’t worn…