sea foam

just spent a week up in Mendocino County, tooting around on the beaches and in the fog. there were tide pools full of mussels, apparently the third tallest redwood tree in the world (i couldn’t say for sure because a) i couldn’t see the top of the tree, and b) there were conservation guys who had climbed up the tree with a measuring tape, but they left the end that said 0″ down on the ground), and the largest wood sorrel i’ve ever seen. eat a few leaves and that’s a large salad.

it’s the best time of year to be up there, less tourists, more sun, and plenty of sea foam. what i really wanted was a big ladle to skim the surface of this green soup, then add to it a few bones from Roundman’s smokehouse in Fort Bragg and call it a night. ok, maybe sprinkle some salty feta from Willetts on top and drink with a bottle… a bottle of French wine. (sorry Anderson Valley!)

sea foam vs. MO:

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