rainbow in my kitchen, underwear in my chips

i came home the other day to a rainbow in the kitchen, which must have been unlucky, as i received a pair of shoes i ordered and found out they sent me two right feet. i asked the company if they could send me two left feets, but they said they didn’t have any more of those shoes at all, rights or lefts. bleh.

my luck turned when i ate a chip in the shape of underwear—the tighty-superhero kind—with the negative space of a rainbow, if rainbows were a cookie cutter type of thing. instead of buying something, i was able to get rid of the crap that had been in the garage by combining all my piles (the “so-and-so might want this” pile, the infamous “maybe” pile, the “aw – i made that by hand” pile, and so on) into just two: the trash and the goodwill pile. phew.
but really, what to do with stuff that you can’t get rid of. like the top of the washing machine, which we don’t need because right now the dryer sits on the washer, but what if we ever needed the washer/dryer to be side by side (!)

with everything out of the way the new beam in the garage sticks out like a sore thumb – it’s the only thing that is straight and level in the whole place. we’ve already scavenged the concrete for pieces to go in our reclaimed concrete project, but then again, that beam seems like a nice place to hang a horseshoe…