dog IM

Stevie: did you hear that lady ask how come we always do so well in class?
MO: yeah, did you see what she uses as treats? cardboard squares sprayed with fish sauce.
Stevie: ooh. i love those!
MO: …

Stevie: how come ownerlady goes through all the trouble to cook the meat?
MO: dunno. something about messy pockets
Stevie: lame
MO: i heard this chef once say that he was always disappointed when he cooked a piece of meat because it always shrank in size. you never get back what you put in.
Stevie: even counting the liquid that’s leftover in the pot?
MO: even counting that.

Stevie: (sigh)
MO: and this chef really preferred baking, since something baked always rises. you get more for your money.
Stevie: yeah
MO: speaking of baking
Stevie: ?

Stevie: it wasn’t me.
MO: oh really
Stevie: the bastardo must have kyped it. wasn’t me i swear.
MO: which bastardo you talking about?
Stevie: the B/W one
MO: …