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hacking is…

“Hacking, simply put, is not, n-o-t, not equal, ≠, <> to cracking. It is not hot-toddying patches. It is not dick-weaning exploits. It is not hoeing ax at root level. It’s not dining on rootkits, suspending virii, propagating inarticulate spodness. It’s not analogizing the hugeness of male genitalia in relation to the speed of a network. It’s not crulling sniffers, whoring 0-days, flapjacking the C drive, emulating dØØdness, torching shell. It’s not pediddling dongles, burrowing CHMODs, doggy-bagging source code, drip-drying the terminal, logic bombing the olalaberry. It’s not sig-blocking names like The Deep, Cretinlord and Red Headed w00tmaster. It’s not shift-changing the beanie key, feep-flaming the chicken bone, whistle-blowing the jacked mobo, orphaning the F-pasties and definitely does not ask “are you single” on a Usenet board. Get that straight.”

[from the novel A Drink With Clarity More]